Photo Tiles

Frequently Asked Questions

What images are suitable to create a Photo Tile?
We recommend using images that are minimum 300 dpi for best results. We accept a variety of image formats such as jpg, giff, tiff, pdf and psd. If you do not have your image in digital format you can take it to many local photo copy locations such as Kinkos who can scan it for you. We can accept originals but we do NOT take responsibility for the damage or loss in transit to or from our facilities. Should you be interested in our scanning services please Contact Us.
Where can I put my Photo Tile?
Photo Tiles come in a variety of materials and finishes. Most of our tile we recommend for indoor use away from direct sunlight, submersion, and abrasive conditions. Having said that we do have the appropriate tile for most projects. If you intend on putting your Photo Tile outdoors, in pools, or on floors please Contact Us so that we may give you some guidance with your project.
What if I want a reprint or a piece gets damaged?
Photo Tiles are meant to be shared and for this reason and accidents we keep your image on file associated with your order so that you can get repeat orders for friends and family. Please Contact Us with any repeat orders or needs for replacements.
Can I place my order by Phone?
In short, yes. Please have your image ready so that a representative can walk you through the uploading or mailing instructions you can Contact Us or call us at 888.679.0888
Can I ship my Photo Tile as a gift to another country?
You can add multiple addresses both in the US and abroad to your account. Just specify where you would like it shipped upon checkout.
How long does it take to produce my Photo Tile?
Your Photo Tile will ship generally within 5 business days. Due to certain spikes in demand in can take as long as 10 business days. You can track your order through your account as it makes it way to its final destination. If there's an event or rush that you're purchasing it for please enter it in the "Notes" area of the item.
Can I change the color or crop a photo?
We would be happy to make minor adjustments to your image. Please specify in the the "Notes" area of the item what you would like us to do.

Such as: Please make black and white or Please center couple in the middle of the Photo Tile, etc.